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Sample  Projects

Fuel Management Planning. BVS recently helped develop a comprehensive fuels management plan for the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) on the San Mateo coast.  The project involved the removal and thinning of dense eucalyptus stands, restoration of native coastal scrub species, and road repair.  Planning was done in consultation with county planning, local and state fire agencies, the Coastal Commission and the California Department of Fish and Game.  BVS supervised the follow-up treatments and monitoring.

Forest Carbon Inventory and Modeling.  BVS recently provided inventory services and harvest schedule modeling support for the Sempervirens Fund's Lompico property in Santa Cruz. This project was the first carbon project approved by the Climate Registry in the Santa Cruz area, and resulted in the sale of carbon credits to PG&E.  BVS currently provides forest carbon project verification services to Scientific Certification Systems on several large ownerships in northern California.

Land Trust Timber and Fuel Management. BVS obtained and administered Timber Harvest Plans (THP) on land owned by the Pacific Forest Trust (PFT) adjacent to Yosemite National Park.  The project was designed to complement and integrate with fuel treatments occurring on adjoining parklands.  BVS has worked closely with the park forester and other specialists to ensure treatments meet fuel treatment goals while also mitigating any potential negative impacts.

Conservation Easement Appraisals. BVS has developed numerous appraisals for land trusts, open space districts and private landowners as part the creation of conservation easements. These appraisals typically include a forest inventory, timber market and land value research.

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.  BVS has been providing consulting services to the SFPUC Peninsula Watershed since 2014. We developed and administered THP and Conversion Permits as part of their Bioregional Habitat Restoration (BHR) program. The primary goal is to create "compensatory mitigation" for native habitat lost or impacted in the SFPUC's larger Water System Improvement Program.

CEMEX/San Vicente Redwoods Forest. BVS was a team member in developing the Forest Inventory and Management Plan for the 8,500 acre San Vicente Redwoods Forest in Santa Cruz Country for the Sempervirens Fund.