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BVS Principals 

Gene Forsburg. Mr. Forsburg is a practicing Registered Professional Forester, with considerable experience in vegetation mapping, forest inventory design, harvest administration and forest planning.  He specializes in the valuation of timber and rural land, and since 1980, the total value of real estate that he has appraised exceeds four hundred million dollars and includes projects in California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico and Hawaii. 

Joseph McGuire.  Mr. McGuire is a practicing Registered Professional Forester and provides consulting services to a range of clients including the Boy Scouts of America, youth camps, and private landowners.  He is active in conservation easement appraisals with various open space districts and land trusts in Northern California.  Mr. McGuire is certified by the Climate Action Reserve as a forest carbon Lead Verifer. 

Outside Services  As needed, BVS is capable of teaming or recruiting with numerous outside service providers including wildfire experts, biologists, botanists, archaeologists, remote sensing/GIS specialists, and others.